Lori was excellent

November 19, 2015

We began looking for a home in the fall of 2013. I didn't know any agents that I was particularly fond of so I submitted an inquiry and received Lori at random. Lori was excellent about setting up appointments and helping us sort through houses. Lori was not the stereotypical "used car salesmen" type of agent and would help point out flaws and issues without trying to gloss over them. This really improved my trust in her when I could tell that she was looking out for our best interests and not just for a quick paycheck. Once we found our home, she helped negotiate a better price as well as getting several concessions from the previous owner that surprised even me. I negotiated a mortgage on my own with a company of my choosing and never felt any grief or pressure from her. I would definitely call Lori again if we were to look for a house in the future.